Ph.D.-School on National Systems of Innovation and Economic Development
Students Sessions

Session # Discussants Students Presentations
Session 1
May 24
António Miguel Amaral"High-technology entrepreneurship in metropolitan innovation systems: the role of regions, firms and individuals in Portugal" [presentation]
Watu Wamae "Acquiring technology in a global economy: investigating the case of developing countries" [presentation]
Session 2
May 25
Ali Maleki "Applying National innovation systems approach in the context of industrializing countries: methodological unity and terminological diversity in literature" [presentation]
Kiriaki Tsegenidi "The effects of product innovation on capital asset growth: preliminary results for a six-country survey in peripheral areas of the European Union" [presentation]
Pedro Faria "Innovation in Portugal: what can learn from the CIS III survey?" [presentation]
Session 3
May 26
M. Godinho
J. Fagerberg
Mahesh Sarma "From developmental regimes to learning networks: interrogating Indian innovation system" [presentation]
Marek Tiits "Globalisation and economic development: the concept of national innovation systems as a policy tool in refining catching-up strategies in small developing countries" [presentation]
Tigran Arzumanyan "Science, technology and innovation policy reformation trends in transition countries on the model of Armenia" [presentation]
Session 4
May 26
Tommaso Ciarli "Patterns of industrial development in Costa Rica: empirical validation of a firm-based growth model" [presentation]
Isarelis Perez Ones The relationships between university, innovation systems and social context [presentation]
Session 5
May 27
Ana Paula Avellar "The economic impacts of technology policy and the methodologies of evaluation" [presentation]
Roberto Mavilia "Multinational enterprise and knowledge flows: a case study" [presentation]
Torsten Weiland Competition in Innovation - An experimental approach [presentation]
Session 6
May 28
Fernando Santiago-Rodríguez "Inside developing systems of innovation: The role of firms in building human resources of industrial innovation in developing countries" [presentation]
Janaina da Costa "Technology policy and regional network creation in high-technology activities in developing countries" [presentation]
Suli Zheng "Science, industrial technology and economic development: empirical study of China 1992-2002" [presentation]
Session 7
May 30
José Luis Sampedro Hernández "Building up development and design capabilities in software through the creation of interfaces between users and producers: the case of the Mexican firms" [presentation]
Marion Motari "Building biopharmaceutical innovation systems: a study of South Africa"
Miguel Preto "Technology diffusion and income inequality: how augmented Kuznets hypothesis could explain ICT diffusion?" [presentation]
Session 8
May 31
M. Muchie
Rosileia Milagres "Routine design in a network environment" [presentation]
Wu Bei "The construction and exploration of an innovation platform" [presentation]
Session 9
June 1
João Paulo Pereira Technological innovation in the development of peripheral regions: the case of telecommunications in the development of Alto Tras-os Montes [presentation]
Richard Nunes "Exploring vulnerability nodes in the Norte leather-footwear cluster-upgrading process" [presentation]
José Luiz Moutinho City-based semantic grids: builiding the new utility infrastructure for development [presentation]
Session 10
June 1
Erika Kraemer-Mbula "Effectiveness of science and technology policy in South Africa: technological learning in the ICT sector and institutional capabilities" [presentation]
Izabela Kijenska "National innovation systems in Poland: current situation and recommendations for the future" [presentation]
Stanislav Zaitchenko "Innovation strategies of organisations in the framework of an underdeveloped national innovation system. A case of Russia" [presentation]
Session 11
June 2
Antonino Vaccaro "Innovation, internal competencies and the role of information communication technologies on firms' learning capabilities: An analysis of automotive suppliers markets" [presentation]
Bertha Vallejo Carlos "Learning efforts in industrial firms and their effects on economic performance. The case of the automotive sector in Mexico"
Umut Ekmekçi "Exploring knowledge networks in network and system studies" [presentation]
Session 12
June 3
Timothy Esemu "Collaborative learning and the innovative behaviour of firms in Uganda's fish and cut flower export value chains" [presentation]
Marc Jacquinet "The evolution of techniques, knowledge base and institutions of the Port wine industry from 1710 to 1974" [presentation]
Venantio Mzenda "Analysis of technology transfer by foreign direct investors in the South" [presentation]

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