Ph.D.-School on National Systems of Innovation and Economic Development

The aim of the Globelics Academy PhD-School is to support the training of Ph.D. students from different parts of the world and who are writing theses on issues related with innovation and economic development. The Academy brings together frontier researchers in innovation with Ph.D. students from developing countries in order to inspire and qualify their work as well as in order to help them to join high-quality research networks in their field of research.

The Academy will take the form of an annual gathering in Lisbon, every May/June, and will be organized around three kinds of activities. First, lectures on the most recent developments in innovation studies will be presented. Second, round table discussions and group work on particular issues related to innovation in developing countries are planned. Third, the students are expected to make presentations of their own research.

The Academy originates from and is connected to the world-wide research network Globelics that brings together scholars working on National Systems of Innovation. The Globelics Academy is jointly organized by the ISEG/UTL - Economics and Business Administration Institute, Technical University of Lisbon and the Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research, IN+, at Instituto Superior Tecnico, Technical University of Lisbon.

IN+ (Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research)     ISEG (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão)     GLOBELICS (The global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems)