Ph.D.-School on Innovation and Economic Development
Globelics Academy 2008

Lecturers 2008

Anthony Arundel, University of Maastricht, The Netherlands
Lecture 23. Interpreting innovation surveys: Or using survey data to change your world for the better (pdf)
Lecture 24.
Innovation surveys Part 2 (presentation) (presentation)

Théophile Azomahou, UNU-MERIT, The Netherlands
Lecture 3. Human capital and growth (presentation)
Lecture 6. Nonlinearities in the development process: A nonparametric approach (presentation)

Jose Cassiolato, Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Lecture 17. Innovation systems and development: what can we learn from the Latin American experiences (pdf) (presentation)
Lecture 18. The evolution of National innovation Systems of BRICS countries: a Globelics Research Agenda
(pdf) (presentation)

Irina Dezhina, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
Lecture 7. Russian Science Policy in Post-Soviet Period (pdf) (presentation)

Manuel Mira Godinho, ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon, Portugal
Lecture 9. A taxonomy of National Innovation Systems - Lessons from an exercise comprising a large sample of both developed, emerging and developing countries (pdf) (presentation)
Lecture 10. Strategic policies for capabilities acquisition and development: A taxonomy of policy models in terms of S&T priorities setting (pdf) (presentation)

Shulin Gu, Tsinghua University, China
Lecture 13. NIS Transformation and Recombination Learning in China (pdf) (pdf) (presentation)
Lecture 14. China's Innovation System and the Move Towards Harmonious Growth and Endogenous Innovation (pdf) (pdf) (pdf) (pdf) (presentation)

Bengt-Åke Lundvall, University of Aalborg, Denmark
Lecture 1. Innovation System Research - Where it came from and where it might go? (pdf) (presentation)
Lecture 2.
From Economics of Knowledge to the Learning Economy (pdf), (pdf) (presentation)

Franco Malerba, Universitá Luigi Bocconi, Italy
Lecture 4. Sectoral systems of innovation and development: research progress and future challenges (presentation)
Lecture 5. Catching up in different sectoral systems (presentation)

Sunil Mani, Center for Development Studies, Kerala, India
Lecture 11. India as an emerging high tech giant, But does she have feet of clay? (presentation)
Lecture 12. Financing of industrial innovations in India, Measuring the effectiveness of tax incentives for R&D. (presentation)

Mammo Muchie, Aalborg University, Denmark
Lecture 19. Evolutionary economics, Innovation and integrated Development: The African Case (pdf) (presentation)
Lecture 20. (pdf) (pdf) (pdf)

Banji Oyeyinka, UN-HABITAT, Monitoring and Research Division, Nairobi, Kenya
Lecture 15. Uneven Paths of Development: Learning, Innovation and Policy in Asia and Africa (presentation)
Lecture 16.Uneven Paths of Learning: Case Studies of South Africa and Malaysia Hardware Systems of Innovation (presentation)

Govindan Parayil, University of Oslo, Norway

Lecture 21. Innovation, Development and Sustainability (presentation)
Lecture 22. Theories, models and policies for sustainable innovations (presentation)


Policy lecturers and panelists

Kari Kankaala, Business Director, City of Tampere, Finland

Mika Kautonen, Senior Reseacher, University of Tampere, Finland (presentation)

Tarmo Lemola, Director, Advansis Ltd., Finland

Wim Naudé, Senior Research Fellow and Project Director, United Nations University, Finland

Gerd Schienstock, Professor, University of Tampere, Finland (presentation)

Esko-Olavi Seppälä, Secretary General, The Science and Technology Policy Council, Ministry of Education, Finland (presentation)


TaSTI (Unit for science, technology and innovation studies)     IST (Instituto Superior Técnico)     IN+ (Center for Innovation, Technology and Policy Research)     ISEG (Instituto Superior de Economia e Gestão)     GLOBELICS (The global network for the economics of learning, innovation, and competence building systems)