Ph.D.-School on Innovation and Economic Development
Globelics Academy 2011
Venue, 2011

Unit for Science, Technology and Innovation Studies, TaSTI
Kanslerinrinne 1
33014 University of Tampere, FINLAND

Globelics Academy 2011 will take place at the University of Tampere, in Tampere, Finland. The main locations used during the Academy will be in the Pinni B building at the University main campus right next to the Tampere city center.

Map of GA key locations in Tampere city center (marked red)

Some useful links:

- Location of premises at University of Tampere campus area.

- Webcams on the Main Campus

- History of Tampere

- Go Tampere City of Tampere website for incoming visitors.

For more detailed maps and street view, you may use for example Google Maps

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