Ph.D.-School on National Systems of Innovation and Economic Development
Structure of the Programme

Relevant dates for participants

Welcome session: 7.30pm Monday 24th
Courses: May 25-June 3
Organised tour and dinner (afternoon/evening): Saturday 29th
Closing dinner: Thursday 3rd 8pm.

Local of sessions: ISEG, Building F1/F2,

Preliminary outline

List of Confirmed Lecturers

Bengt-Åke Lundvall, Aalborg University, DK
  • The Economics of Knowledge and Learning [download]
  • Economic Development and the National System of Innovation Approach [download]
  • The University and the Learning Economy [presentation]
  • The Socio-Economics of Knowledge and the learning economy [presentation]
  • National innovation systems – theoretical foundations and implications for economic development [presentation]
Bronwyn Hall, Berkeley Univ,
  • Measuring the Returns to Innovation [Readings] [presentation I] [presentation II]
  • Research, Innovation and Productivity: An Econometric analysis at the firm level [download]
  • Issues in assessing the contribuition of research and development to productivity growth [download]
  • Patent Statistics as Economic Indicators: A Survey [download]
  • Citations, family size, opposition and the value of patent rights [download]
David Mowery, Berkeley U. Francisco Veloso, Carnegie Mellon University, US / Catholic University of Lisbon, PT
  • Slicing the knowledge-based economy in Brazil, China and India: A tale of 3 software industries [download]
  • The Brazilian software industry [download]
  • Slicing the Knowledge Based Economy: Tales from the software industry in Brazil and beyond [download]
  • From Underdogs to Tigers: Bridging the Gap
Jan Fagerberg, Oslo University, NR
  • Innovation: A Guide to the Literature [download]
  • The Competitiveness of Nations: Economic Growth in the ECE Region [download]
  • Innovation and Competitiveness [presentation]
  • What do we know about innovation? [presentation]
Jose Cassiolato, UFRJ, BR
  • Systems of innovation for development in the knowledge era: an introduction [download]
  • Innovation and long cycles of economic development [download]
  • National Systems of Innovation: the Connections between Neo-schumpeterians and ECLA literatures [presentation]
  • National Systems of Innovation in Latin America: Development & Structural Reforms [presentation]
João Caraca, Gulbenkian Foundation, PT

Luc Soete, Maastricht University, NL
  • Reflections on research on global governance [download]
  • Policy Conclusions and Recommendations [download]
  • Technology and global development: A developed country perspective [presentation]
  • Innovation policies and regional development: the European challenge [presentation]
Manuel Heitor, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Technical University of Lisbon, PT
  • Infrastructures, incentives, and institutions: fostering distributed knowledge bases for the learning society [download]
  • From Digital Cities to Mobile Regions: a policy learning process fostering local systems of innovation and competence building [download]
  • Technological Change and the challenges for Regional Development: building ‘social capital’ in less-favoured regions [download]
  • Technological Change and the challenges for development: building on the experience of less favoured regions [download]
Manuel Godinho, ISEG, Technical University of Lisbon, PT Pedro Conceição, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Technical University of Lisbon, PT
  • The “Swing of the Pendulum” from Public to Market Support for Science and Technology: Is the US Leading the Way? [download]
  • Beyond communicable disease control: health in the age of globalization [download]
  • Enhancing Incentives for Knowledge Generation and Diffusion to Address the Problems of the Poor: Innovative Financing Options [presentation]
Sanjaya Lall, Oxford University
  • Role of government in promoting technology development [presentation]
  • Globalization and industrial performance [presentation]

Accepted being members, but not directly involved in 2004 school

Daniele Archibugi, LSE, UK

David Kaplan, University of Cape Town, South Africa

Dick Nelson, Columbia University, US

Frieder Meyer-Krahmer, Fraunhofer-Institut für Systemtechnik und Innovationsforschung (ISI), Germany

Giovanni Dosi, St Anna School, Pisa, Italy,

Nick von Tunzelmann, SPRU – University of Sussex, UK

Shulin Gu, Tsinghua University, China

Maria J. Rodrigues, ISCTE – Lisboa

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