Ph.D.-School on National Systems of Innovation and Economic Development

Ana AbrunhosaPortuguese
Andrea MorrisonItaly

Local Systems of Innovation in Developing Countries: Evidence from a Brazilian Furniture Cluster   [paper]   [presentation]
Anna PobolAustria

Methodological concept of dissertation “Formation and state regulation of national innovation system: research-based spin-off entrepreneurship”   [abstract]   [paper]   [presentation]
Aygen S. KurtRepublic of Turkey

Turkish ICT Sector and the European Information Society: Innovation for integration?   [presentation]
Bitrina Daniel DiyamettTanzania

Innovativeness and institutional linkages in the tanzanian manufacturing sector with reference to metal and engineering sub sector   [paper]   [presentation]
Can HuangChina

Organization, Program, and Structure: An Analysis of the Chinese Innovation Policy Framework   [paper]   [presentation]
Carlos António CarvajalColombia
Claudia Gonzalez BrambilaMexican

The Determinants of Research Productivity: A Case Study of Mexico   [paper]   [presentation]
Cristina Paixão de SousaPortuguese

Innovation Systems: The Portuguese Case in the European Union Context   [presentation]
D.P. SoetantoIndonesia

Research on the Role of the Incubation Policy in Helping the Growth of New Technology Based-Firm   [paper]   [presentation]
Dirk BoeheGermany

Interaction between TNC subsidiaries and the Host Country Innovation System   [paper]   [presentation]
Dudi HidayatIndonesia
Ester Dal PozBrazil

Agriculture in Brazil: plant genomics networks and internacional intellectual property rights.   [paper]   [presentation]
Florian TaeubeGermany
Gonzalo Rodríguez RodríguezSpain

May primary activities be innovative? The case of galician mussell farming   [presentation]
Helena BarnardSouth Africa

Catching up and asset-seeking FDI: Outbound FDI by developing country firms as a means to access more advanced systems of innovation   [presentation]
Hugo HortaPortuguese

On the role of engineering schools on the process of technological change: A comparative analysis 1985 - 2000   [paper]   [presentation]
João Pedro TabordaPortuguese

Technological Innovation, Institutional Change and Economic Performance: The use of Economic Compensations associated to public acquisitions   [paper]
Jong-Hak EunKorea, China

Evolution of the Academy-run Enterprises in China: An Organizational Approach   [paper]   [presentation]
Kesidou, EfthimiaThe Netherlands

Knowledge Spillovers in High-tech Clusters in Developing Countries   [paper]   [presentation]
Kyoo-Ho ParkKorea, China

Linking the Technological regime to the Technological Catch-up: An Econometric Analysis using the US patent Data   [paper]
Lian-Yuan (Kevin) FangTaiwan
Luisa Ferreira LopesPortuguese

Services Innovation and Economic Performance   [presentation]
Luísa HenriquesPortuguese
Mahesh SarmaIndia

A Case study of public sector R&D system in India   [presentation]
Maria José Madeira SilvaPortuguese
Marina SzapiroBrazil

The Telecommunications Restructuring Process in the 90s: A comparative study of the impacts on the Brazilian and Spanish innovation system   [paper]   [presentation]   [diagram I]   [diagram II]
Mei-Chih HuTaiwan
Michael SableUS
Monica DesiderioBrazil
Myrna Fatima Flores PinedaMexico

Proximity and learning in metropolitan innovation systems, towars the formation of high tech clusters in Monterrey and Milan   [paper]   [presentation]
Naubahar SharifHong Kong, China

Genesis and Development of the National System of Innovation (NSI) Framework   [abstract]
Nina KazakovaRussia

Innovation management in Russian universities   [abstract]   [paper]   [presentation]   [diagram I]   [diagram II]
Nuno de Almeida AlvesPortuguese

The construction of “Knowledge and Information Societies” in the context of the process of structural change in modern societies   [abstract]   [paper]   [presentation]
Salvador EstradaMexican

Technological behaviour and competitiveness at the firm level. Empirical evidence from Mexico   [paper]   [presentation]
Sandro MendonçaLisbon

Mapping Innovation Systems: A framework for organising quantitative empirical research on national systems of innovation   [paper]
Tarmo KalvetEstonian

National Innovation Systems of Small European Transition Economies: General Framework and the case of Estonia   [presentation]
Vicente B. Ortiz LopezMexico
Vuyani LingelaSouth Africa

The co-evolutionary framework to improve competitiveness in the South African system of innovation   [paper]
Yan LigangChina

Role of organizational learning in strategic alliance   [abstract]   [paper]   [presentation]
Zonia AdraboSouth Africa

The Development of a New Telecommunications Policy Framework for a Knowledge Society   [paper]   [presentation]